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Alt Right reactionary

Part 2: Rebooting the Leviathan.
In the first part of this essay we looked at the phenomenon of the “alt right”. In this second piece we turn to discussions of neo-reactionary philosophy. A common story goes that the intellectual flagship, the act of legitimation for reanimating reaction as a culture, began at the end of last decade with a rather peculiar…
Capitalism Coca Cola Coke

Why We Bite the Invisible Hand: The Psychology of Anti-Capitalism. Peter Foster. Pleasaunce Press, 2014.
In a nod to Adam Smith’s famous metaphor, Peter Foster asks why we persist in biting the invisible hand. Good question. Why do so many people, in the midst of the greatest prosperity ever produced in human history, insist on condemning the very economic system that…
Free Trade Market

The Power of Market Fundamentalism: Karl Polanyi's Critique. Fred Block and Margaret R. Somers. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2014. 352 pp. Hardcover, $49.95.
Karl Polanyi is not an easy man to pigeonhole. He is best known as the author of The Great Transformation (hereafter GT). The hand which penned that story of transformation drew more vivid portraits of those he would…
Antonio Negri

Time for Revolution. Antonio Negri with Matteo Mandarini, trans. London. Bloomsbury, 2003.
Antonio Negri’s Time for Revolution consists of two shorter works, written twenty years apart, The Constitution of Time, and Kairos, Alma Venus, Multitudo. Both were written in jail while Negri was serving time for leading the subversive organization, Autonomia Operaia (Workers' Autonomy), which committed 174 attacks against civilians and…