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Europe Cold War

Bipolarity in international relations was the main characteristic of the Cold War Era. The world was divided between two opposing political, economic and military blocs. The Soviet Union installed communist regimes in most of the European countries during the Second World War in Central and Eastern Europe. This process was condemned by the United States and its Western European allies,…
United States America Russia Soviet Union Cold War

Ukraine gained its independence in 1991, when the Soviet Union was dissolved and former Soviet republics became sovereign states. Since that time Ukraine started its own policy, with the Ukrainian point of view on history, international relations, and politics differing greatly from the Russian perspective. But during the Cold War period Ukraine was also a part of the USSR, which…
Gnosticism 2

Gnostic Wars: The Cold War in the Context of a History of Western Spirituality. Stefan Rossbach. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University press, 1992.
“One of the typical phenomena of the twentieth century,”  Eric Voegelin wrote, “is the event of spiritually energetic people breaking out of the dominant intellectual group in order to find the reality that has been lost.” 1 One example of…