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According to the philosopher Eric Voegelin, there are no more than four fundamental modes of theoretical speculation. Voegelin identifies these four fundamental modes as: cosmogony, anthropogony, theogony, and historiogenesis. These modes speak, respectively, of the genesis of the universe, the genesis of human beings, the genesis of the divine, and the genesis of society.
Unsurprisingly, modern science speaks to these four…
Eric Voegelin

Our picture of Greek intellectual history is still substantially in­fluenced by historiographic conventions of the Hellenistic period.
The development of philosophical schools in the fourth century b.c. induced the later historians, who themselves were members of schools, to project the institution into the earlier times and to construct the famous "Successions."
The result was a linear devel­opment of Greek thought from the…
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Hesiod: Theogony; Works and Days. Hesiod with C.S. Morrissey, trans. Vancouver: Talonbooks, 2012.
Speaking of the need to read an author in his original language, Eric Voegelin once observed that “a good number of persons who are employed by our colleges . . . talk about Plato and Aristotle, or Thomas and Augustine, or Dante and Cervantes, or Rabelais or Goethe,…