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“We are immigrants still, who travel in time,
Bound where the thought of America beckons;
But we hold our course, and the wind is with us.
-Richard Wilbur[1]
“After the teacher asked if anyone had
            a sacred place
and the students fidgeted and shrank
 in their chairs, the most serious of all
            said it was his car,
being in it alone.”
-Stephen Dunn[2]
Not long after he left the…

The American Road Trip and American Political Thought. Susan McWilliams Barndt. Lanham: Lexington Books, 2018.
Susan McWilliams Barndt’s new book is motivated by a provocative premise: “That stories of American road trips are an important form of American political thought, and certainly more central to American political thought than almost anyone has recognized before” (xv). But if Barndt is a provocateur,…