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“Reason is not a faculty, not a tool, nor can it be used. Anyhow there is no reason at all which we could have, but only a reason which has us.”[i]
Along with the technological progress of the modern world has come an increasing awareness of the need for reflection on the moral status of technology.[ii] Modern technological development has facilitated…

Do you ask to be conscious of this freedom? But do you also consider that all your consciousness is only possible via your freedom and that the condi­tion cannot be contained in what is conditioned?

—F. W. J. Schelling, Vom Ich als Princip der Philosophieoder uber das Unbedingte im menschlichen Wissen


Voegelin's Ambivalence Toward Schelling
Unlike the thought of some of…

Eric Voegelin and the Continental Tradition: Explorations in Modern Political Thought. Lee Trepanier and Steven F. McGuire, eds. Columbia, MO: University of Missouri Press, 2011.
I am still waiting for a philosophical physician in the exceptional sense of that word–one who has to pursue the problem of the total health of a people, time, race, or of humanity–to muster the courage…