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Our Forthcoming Publications

Please feel free to submit proposals about any topic, but note that preference would be given to those works that address the themes below. As proposals arrive and are accepted, this page will be updated as needed. Email us with your proposal to Lee Trepanier at [email protected] and please check out submission guidelines.


January 2021: Philosophy

We dedicate the month of January to philosophical thought from antiquity to today and open to all schools of thought and approaches.

February 2021: Pandemics and Economics

For February, we will examine the role that pandemics play in society both historically and comparatively. We also will focus on the economic dimensions that results from pandemics and what effects remain after the pandemic has disappeared.

March 2021: The New Science of Politics

This is the seventieth anniversary of Voegelin’s The New Science of Politics. We invite our readers to send us your thoughts about this work, its impact in political thought, and its relevance for today.

April 2021: Personhood and Public Philosophy

This month we will look at the question of personhood and the place of public philosophy in society. Is the concept of the person still useful in understanding ourselves today? What would a philosophy, theology, and politics based on the person look like? And what role does public philosophy play in society and what role should it play?

May 2021: Culture

This month we invite contributions on art, music, literature, and other aspects of culture.

June 2021: Leadership and Statesmanship

In June we will focus on leadership and statesmanship. Some questions to consider are as follows: How does one define these concepts, e.g., what is the difference between leadership and statesmanship? Are they useful to understand politics and can they be taught? Who today would embody leadership and statesmanship in our society?

July 2021: Voegelin’s Non-Western Political Thought

We will explore Voegelin’s writings on non-western societies to see what what he had to say about them and whether it is still relevance today for our understanding of them.

August 2021: Education

We invited submissions about education as the new school year is about to start.

September 2021: Latin America

For September, we will explore the region of Latin America: its culture, history, politics, philosophy, and more.

October 2021: United States

We are looking for submissions about the history, culture, politics, religion, and philosophy of the United States.

November 2021: Political Theology

For November, we will examine the question of political theology and invite submissions from a variety of thinkers and perspectives.

December 2021: Religion

We conclude the calendar year with a look at religion, spirituality, and studies of the divine. All school of thoughts and approaches are welcomed.


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