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Our Forthcoming Publications

Please feel free to submit proposals about any topic, but note that preference would be given to those works that address the themes below. As proposals arrive and are accepted, this page will be updated as needed. Email us with your proposal to Lee Trepanier at at [email protected] and please check out submission guidelines.

Jan. 1-Feb. 9, 2018: Plato

We will start the new year with a look at James Rhodes’ examination of Plato’s erosmetaxy, democratic rhetoric, Statesman, and modern interpretations of Socrates; Kirk Fitzpatrick’s analysis of music and constitutions in the Republic; Joanthan Ratcliffe’s analysis of Alain Badiou’s Plato; Paul Krause’s and Louis Markos’ examination of Plato; Julianne Romanello’s and Pedro blas Gonzalez’s exploration of the Laws; Jon Avery’s pedagogical approach to teach the Republic; and several book reviews about Plato by such authors like Dominic Scott, J.B. Kennedy, Danielle Allen, Francis Grabowski, and Lloyd Gerson.

February 10-18, 2018: Modern Philosophy, Politics & Education

In an interlude between themes, we will have a week of modern philosophy, politics, and education with articles, essays, and book reviews by John von Heyking, Jacob Terneus, Richard Cocks, Manfred Henningsen Robbie Young, Klaus Vondung, Emina Melonic, Abigail Rosenthal, and Greg Dietrich.

February 19-March 11, 2018: Shakespeare

Michael L. Hays, Glenn Hughes, Stephen H. Conlin, E. Tyler Graham, Alain Baily, Christine Norvell, Lee Trepanier, and Andrew Moore will explore a variety of themes and plays in Shakespeare’s works, including MacBeth, Hamlet, Othello, Merchant of Venice, and King Lear. Also books review of Peter Olsthoorn’s Honor in Political and Moral Philosophy, Siep Stuurman’s The Invention of Humanity, and an article on Madame Bovary by Paul Kidder.

March 12-April 1, 2018: Russian Literature

We will be featuring analyses of the works of Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and Solzhenitsyn this month with articles, essays, and book reviews by Daniel Ross Goodman, Joshua Hren, David Walsh, John Moran, Charles Embry, Lee Trepanier, Daniel Mahoney, and others. More details will be forthcoming.

April 2-May 13, 2018: American Literature

Margaret Hrezo and Nick Pappas will write about Cormac McCarthy; Tom Bateman about Robert Penn Warren; Lee Trepanier about Hawthorne. There also will be book reviews and excerpts from Brian A. Smith’s Walker Percy and the Politics of the Wayfarer, David Davies’ Milton’s Socratic Rationalism, Andy Connolly’s Philip Roth and the American Liberal Tradition; Claudia Franziska Bruhwiler’s and Lee Trepanier’s The Political Companion to Philip Roth; and Gloria Cronin’s and Lee Trepanier’s The Political Companion of Saul Bellow.

May 14-May 20, 2018: European Politics

We will present Tilo Schabert’s examination of contemporary European politics with the reunification of Germany, Martin Palous on Central Europe, and Ernest Gellner’s essay on Havel and Masaryk.

May 21-May 27

This week we look at Leo Strauss with works by Colin D. Pearce, Pierre Manent, Ellis Sandoz, David Walsh, and James Stoner.

May 28-July 1, 2018: Philosophy & Early Eric Voegelin

We have articles and essays about philosophy by Richard Cocks, Eugene Webb, and Wolfgang Liehold and works about Voegelin by Barry Cooper, David Walsh, John P. East, Martin Palous, David Whitney, Michael Federici, Gerhardt Niemeyer, James. V. Schall, Christopher Morrissey, Stanley Parry, Robert Kraynak, and Brad Birzer.

July 2-July 8, 2018: Movie Reviews

A week of movie reviews by Molly Flynn.

July 9-15, 2018: Conservatism

We will examine conservative philosophy and politics for this week with articles by David Corey and John P. East. More details will be forthcoming.

July 16-August 5, 2018: Higher Education

We will explore the themes of  the white working class and culture wars in America as well as higher education. More details will be forthcoming.

August 6-19, 2018: Theology and Freedom

More details will be forthcoming.

August 20-29, 2018: Politics, Economics, and Philosophy

We will look at the the Magna Carta, cosmopolitanism, economic philosophy and policy, and conclude with essays on aesthetics, Socratic irony, classical studies, and ethics. We also will publish the 2018 EVS Program in Boston as well as other important announcements.

September 5-9, 2018: War and Society

We will have a review of Angelo M. Codevilla’s Advice to War; Barry Cooper’s New Political Religions; Stefan Rossbach’s Gnostic Wars; and an article on Robert Nisbet.

September 10-23: Politics and Literature

We will examine the works by Mikhail Shishkin, Coetzee, Morrison, Bulgakov, and others as well as reviews and excerpts from Mark Kremer’s Romanticism and Civilization: Love, Marriage, and Family in Rousseau’s Julie; Jay Douglas Steinmetz’s Beyond Free Speech and Propaganda: The Political Development of Hollywood, 1907-1927; John Heyrman’s Politics, Hollywood Style: American Politics in Films from Mr. Smith to Selma; and John S. Nelson’s Cowboy Politics: Myths and Discourses in Popular Westerns from the Virginian to Unforgiven and Deadwood.

September 24-30: David Walsh

We will look at David Walsh’s work on the person this week.

October 1-7, 2018: Eric Voegelin as Teacher

We will look at Voegelin as a teacher in essays by Sandoz, Hollweck, and Purcell.

October 8-November 4: Eric Voegelin

We will examine Eric Voegelin’s philosophy in relation to Strauss, Heidegger, Schelling, Kierkegaard, Kant, and Hegel. There also will be articles by Maben Poirier, Dick Bishirjian, Ted McAllsiter, Gene Porter, and Montgomery C. Erfourt on Voegelin. More details will be forthcoming.

November 5-Dec. 2, 2018: TBA

There are no themes set. More details will be forthcoming.

December 3-19, 2018: Religion

We will examine the religion at the conclusion of the year with a look at Augustine, Rome, Catholicism, Henry VIII, and other topics. We also will have our annual Christmas reading list.