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The Collected Works of Eric Voegelin

Volume 1 On The Form of the American Mind
Volume 2 Race and State
Volume 3 The History of the Race Idea: From Ray to Carus
Volume 4 The Authoritarian State: An Essay on the Problem of the Austrian State
Volume 5 Modernity Without Restraint: The Political Religions, The New Science of Politics, Politics, Science, and Gnosticism
Volume 6 Anamnesis: On the Theory of History and Politics
Volume 7 Published Essays: 1922—1928
Volume 8 Published Essays: 1929—1933
Volume 9 Published Essays: 1934—1939
Volume 10 Published Essays: 1940—1952
Volume 11 Published Essays: 1953—1965
Volume 12 Published Essays: 1966—1985
Volume 13 Selected Book Reviews

Order and History (Volumes I-V)

Volume 14 Order and History (Volume I): Israel and Revelation
Volume 15 Order and History (Volume II): The World of the Polis
Volume 16 Order and History (Volume III): Plato and Aristotle
Volume 17 Order and History (Volume IV): The Ecumenic Age
Volume 18 Order and History (Volume V): In Search of Order

History of Political Ideas (Volumes I-VIII)

Volume 19 History of Political Ideas (Volume I): Hellenism, Rome and Early Christianity
Volume 20 History of Political Ideas (Volume II): The Middle Ages to Aquinas
Volume 21 History of Political Ideas (Volume III): The Later Middle Ages
Volume 22 History of Political Ideas (Volume IV): Renaissance and Reformation
Volume 23 History of Political Ideas (Volume V): Religion and the Rise of Modernity
Volume 24 History of Political Ideas (Volume VI): Revolution and the New Science
Volume 25 History of Political Ideas (Volume VII): The New Order and Last Orientation
Volume 26 History of Political Ideas (Volume VIII): Crisis and the Apocalypse of Man

The Rest of the Collected Works

Volume 27 The Nature of the Law and Related Legal Writings
Volume 28 What is History? and Other Late Unpublished Writings
Volume 29 Selected Correspondence: 1924-49
Volume 30 Selected Correspondence: 1950-1984
Volume 31 Hitler and the Germans
Volume 32 The Theory of Governance and other Miscellaneous Papers: 1921-1938
Volume 33 The Drama of Humanity and other Miscellaneous Papers: 1939-1985
Volume 34 Autobiographical Reflections, with glossary and cumulative index


The Collected Works of Eric Voegelin is available directly from The University of Missouri Press.

The Voegelin excerpts reproduced here, except where otherwise indicated, are reprinted from The Collected Works of Eric Voegelin, Volumes 1-34, by permission of the University of Missouri Press. Copyright © 1989-2008 by the Curators of the University of Missouri.

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