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VoegelinView is an interdisciplinary and international website dedicated to the thought of Eric Voegelin as well as to political philosophy as public commentary that includes all aspects of culture, including philosophy, religion, politics, society, science, education, and literature. It is also a resource for those who wish to learn more about Eric Voegelin’s own political thought. VoegelinView publishes daily.

There are three type of entries on VoegelinView: articles, essays, and book reviews. Articles are academic works written for a scholarly audience but available for all to read, comment, and criticize; essays are aimed for the public to elucidate and illuminate both topical and timeless topics; and book reviews are critical investigation of both scholarly and non-scholarly works. Articles, essays, and book reviews need not examine Voegelin’s writings; however, all submissions should embody the spirit of Voegelin’s work, particularly its realism, freedom from ideology and cant, and concern to analyze critically the subject of study. All writing should be academically informed and publicly accessible.

VoegelinView also provides announcements for the Voegelin community as well as resources for those who wish to learn more about Eric Voegelin. A list of Voegelin’s collected works, excerpts from his writings, and audio and video recordings are available on this website. It also provides a list of other organizations, relevant websites, and archival links about Eric Voegelin.

The Eric Voegelin Society © publishes VoegelinView and has partnerships with Louisiana State University’s Eric Voegelin Institute and the University of Wisconsin’s Center for the Study of Liberal Democracy.

Potential contributors should consult our submissions guidelines and our policy on questions of copyright and publication. If you have questions, please email Lee Trepanier at [email protected]

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