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Please refer to the Forthcoming Page and email us with your proposal Lee Trepanier at at [email protected]

When preparing works for submission, please observe these layout rules:

1. FORMAT: All works must be formatted in either WORD. We cannot work with PDF.

2. LENGTH: Book reviews can range from 800 to 3,000 words; essays 1,500-5,000; and articles 5,000-10,000 words. Citations are required for articles and are optional for essays and book reviews.


Times New Roman 12 point type.

Page margins: 1 inch.

Alignment: left (no tab paragraph breaks).

Double space between paragraphs.

4. NOTES: For citations, use only endnotes and the Chicago Manual of Style.


Since VoegelinView does not pay royalties to its contributors, it does not claim ownership of original submission and publication. Contributors who prepare original content and copyright it themselves may request us to add to top of their article an indication of copyright along with the author’s name. Current U.S. copyright law does not require the inclusion of these traditional words or abbreviations to protect intellectual property.

What happens if you publish your work at VoegelinView and then wish to republish it elsewhere? VoegelinView gives blanket permission to all authors to republish their work elsewhere. If your publisher refuses to publish material previously published by VoegelinView, VoegelinView will remove your work at your request.

VoegelinView wishes to attract capable scholars and writers who wish to explore their ideas in a friendly, online environment. If subsequently you publish your work elsewhere, it might be appropriate to add an attribution indicating that it was originally published by VoegelinView.

VoegelinView’s policy is to treat your writings as you wish to have them treated. By default we will not claim specific copyright for any work published by VoegelinView, but only display this general language in the footer: Contents Copyright © The Eric Voegelin Society.