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Some resources for those who are interested about Eric Voegelin are below.



Eric Voegelin Society: Established as an independent, non-profit organization in 2012, the Eric Voegelin Society oversees VoegelinView and sponsors the Annual Eric Voegelin Society Meetings which has been affiliated with the American Political Science Conference since 1985.

Eric Voegelin Institute: Established in 1987 and affiliated with Louisiana State University’s Political Science Department, the Eric Voegelin Institute sponsors seminars, conferences, research, publications, and teaching focused on the life and works of Eric Voegelin. Please check out its twitter feed.

VoegelinView Facebook: Established in 2016, this website is affiliated with VoegelinView. Please email Lee Trepanier at [email protected] to join.

EvForum: Established in 2000, this email forum is for people to exchange their ideas and views about Eric Voegelin. To join, please email Steven F. McGuire at [email protected] to join the listserv.

Centre for Eric Voegelin Studies: Established in 2008 and affiliated with Ghent University, the Centre for Eric Voegelin Studies coordinates and stimulates research about Eric Voegelin.

Eric Voegelin Principles: Established in 2016, Eric Voegelin Principles is a Czech website dedicated to the works of Eric Voegelin, publishing material in Czech, German, and English.



Hoover Institute at Stanford University: Established in 1919, this Institute houses Eric Voegelin’s papers,which includes biographical documents, correspondences, lectures, teaching material, and other works. They are 133 manuscript boxes, 6 card file boxes, 5 envelopes, 1 oversize box. The material also is available in microfilm.

Institut für Politische Wissenschaft der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: Established in 1986, this institute houses Eric Voegelin’s private library of over 5,000 books and a 100 microfilms.

Eric Voegelin Archive am Geschwister-Scholl-Institute der LMU Munchen: Established in 1990, this archive houses primary and secondary sources of Eric Voegelin’s works.

Louisiana State University Eric Voegelin Institute Audio Recordings: Ellis Sandoz’s audio recording of Eric Voegelin which became Autobiographical Reflections.



The Collected Works of Eric Voegelin: This 34-volume set of Eric Voegelin works was sponsored and supported by the Eric Voegelin Society and the Eric Voegelin Institute. It is available at the University of Missouri Press.

Eric Voegelin Institute Series in Political Philosophy: This series examines the life and work of Eric Voegelin as well as works in the spirit of Eric Voegelin. It is available at the University of Missouri Press.

St. Augustine’s Press: This press publishes works by Voegelin scholars on a range of topics as influenced by the works of Eric Voegelin.


Voegelin Elsewhere

Eric Voegelin: A personal website started in 1999 by Fritz Wagner, the founder and first editor of VoegelinView. It contains hundreds of excerpts from The Collected Works that are listed alphabetically and by volume. It also provides the only search engine from which all contents in the 34 volumes may be reached.

Eric Voegelin Study Page: A website about that introduces selected works of Voegelin by Bill McClain.

Dictionary of Voegelinian Terminologoy: A website about Voegelin’s terminology by Bill McClain and Jack D. Elliot.

Short Eric Voegelin Glossary: A website about Voegelin’s terminology by Bill McClain and Jack D. Elliot.


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