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Andrew Hoffman received his doctorate in Philosophy at the the University of Hawaii at Manoa under Manfred Henningsen.

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Transcendence God Divine Religion

Evolution, Consubstantiality and Consciousness in Prehistoric Homo Sapiens
It is perhaps most directly expressed in an explanation of the human relationship to “God” offered by the Bushmen of southern Africa: When one acknowledges the presence of a small bird, a tiny thread is formed. After many encounters with that bird, the thread becomes thicker until it becomes a rope. When there…
Transcendence God Divine Religion

Part 1: What Constitutes the Leap in Being?
Let it be known there is a fountain
That was not made by the hands of men.
Robert Hunter & The Grateful Dead, “Ripple”
We may think of Eric Voegelin as a philosopher’s philosopher, the quintessential lover of wisdom, a paragon of man pursuing the quest for truth, seeking the Holy Grail, the philosopher’s stone. Among…