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Catherine Craig is a doctoral candidate in Political Science at Baylor University. She received her B.A. in Great Books and Political Science from St. Thomas University in Canada. Her research interests include classical political philosophy, specifically Plato; politics and literature, art, and film; and the history of philosophy.

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Socrates and Divine Revelation. Lewis Fallis. Rochester, University of Rochester Press, 2018.
In the landscape of political philosophy today, one is fairly hard-pressed to find any serious consideration of the significance of the divine. Dismissing it as absurd or at least unknowable, there is instead a turn to the exclusively “human things,” as though they could be separated from considerations of…

Shakespeare’s comedies can generally be understood through their endings in marriage. In marriage, two particular individuals, with diverse and even opposing desires and interests, are reconciled as one. By focusing on romantic unions, Shakespeare’s comedy marks the movement of distinct, and seemingly opposed, subjective understandings and their capacity to be reconciled to one another. This can be seen in Much…