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Colin Cordner completed his Ph.D. at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada in 2016, where he is an instructor, and occasional poet in the Department of Political Science, as well as being an Associate Editor of Voegelin View and owner of Fall's Edge Editing. His recent research focuses upon the works Plato and Michael Polanyi on scientism qua sophism, and the origins and therapies for the attendant spiritual crises and political disorders.

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On the first day of his 1951 Walgreen Lectures, standing before a distinguished audience at the University of Chicago, Eric Voegelin made many remarks which may have been deemed upsetting to some among his listeners. On that occasion, Voegelin let it be known how and to what extend he judged the adherents of positivism to have rooted themselves in a…
Pharaoh Egypt Colin

Within the course of his writing of Order & History (itself a more than thirty year affair) Eric Voegelin wrote two sustained studies of Ancient Egypt. In O&H, v.1, Israel and Revelation, he included lengthy analyses of Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilization as an expansive backdrop to his exegesis of the pneumatic breakthroughs of the prophets, priests, patriarchs, and judges of…
Free Trade Market

The Power of Market Fundamentalism: Karl Polanyi's Critique. Fred Block and Margaret R. Somers. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2014. 352 pp. Hardcover, $49.95.
Karl Polanyi is not an easy man to pigeonhole. He is best known as the author of The Great Transformation (hereafter GT). The hand which penned that story of transformation drew more vivid portraits of those he would…