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David Corey is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Baylor University. He is author of The Just War Tradition (ISI Books, 2012) and The Sophists in Plato’s Dialogues ( SUNY, 2015).

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For more than fifty years, American conservatives have treated Eric Voegelin and Leo Strauss as fellow travelers. But for various reasons, that relationship and its contemporary legacy has been fraught with problems. What, then, are the points of continuity and discontinuity between the American conservative movement and these two political philosophers? Reflection on this question is fruitful not only for…

The motivations of my work . . . arise from the political situation.  Anybody with an informed and reflective mind who lives in the twentieth century since the end of the First World War . . . finds himself hemmed in, if not oppressed, from all sides by a flood of ideological language.[1]
Responding to the dramatic political upheavals of his…