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Frederick Lawrence is Associate Professor of Theology at Boston College. He is author of several books, the latest being The Fragility of Consciousness: Faith, Reason, and the Human Good (Toronto, 2017).

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The writings of Augustine analyzed by Voegelin and Jonas have to do with the transformative liberation of the human race from the disorientation and cupidity due to sin through divine grace. Eric Voegelin refers frequently to a myth in St Augustine’s Enarrationes in Psalmos 64(65) that, in its lovely compactness, expresses a complete philosophy (and theology, I might add) of…

A Modern Father of the Church?
At the international Voegelin conference held at the University of Manchester, England, in July 1994, two distinguished Voegelin schol­ars presented dramatically opposed interpretations of Voegelin’s fundamental enterprise. Paul Caringella maintained that Voegelin was a master of meditative exegesis and anamnetic experiment.1
In Caringella's words, "Voegelin’s 'New Science' of order, personal, social and historical order, his philosophy…