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Gerhart Niemeyer (1907-97) was Professor of Government at the University of Notre Dame and author of several books, including Law Without Force (1941), An Inquiry Into Soviet Mentality (1956), and Between Nothingness and Paradise (1971). His selected writings can be found in Aftersight and Foresight: Selected Essays and The Loss and Recovery of Truth: Selected Writings of Gerhart Niemeyer.

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Voegelin 1

Nearly two decades ago there appeared the first three volumes of Eric Voegelin’s exemplary quest for a theoretically intelligible order of history (Vol. I, Israel and Revelation; Vol. II, The World of the Polis; Vol. III, Plato and Aristotle). The plan projected three more volumes: Empire and Christianity, The Protestant Centuries, and The Crisis of Western Civilization. When the fourth volume was actually…

Eric Voegelin, one of the greatest minds of our times, died on January 19, 1985. We stand in awe, admiration, and affection as we now try to obtain an overview of his achievement. Even a summary is not quite possible at this time. Volume V of Order and History[1] will be published posthumously. In addition, a number of papers may still…