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Jonathan Ratcliffe is a doctoral candidate in Asian History at the Australian National University. He is working with Chris Heggie-Brown on a history of technology and politics, provisionally titled "Voegelin Among the Machines."

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Éric Voegelin et l’Orient: Millénarisme et religions politiques de l’Antiquité à Daech. Renaud Fabbri. Editions L'Harmattan, 2016.
Renaud Fabbri is a professor of political science at l’Université de Versailles. Over the past few years he has been quietly blogging away at a post-secular age, applying the ideas of Eric Voegelin to Hinduism and Islam. Éric Voegelin et l’Orient seems to be his…
Alt Right reactionary

Part 3: Whatever Happened to Nietzsche?
This is the third part of our journey into the strange Other Wold of neo-reactionary political thought that began with an investigation into the phenomenon of the “alt right”. In the second instalment it lea into discussion of the monarcho-capitalist “NRx” movement. In this final piece we follow a rather different but not entirely…
Alt Right reactionary

Part 2: Rebooting the Leviathan.
In the first part of this essay we looked at the phenomenon of the “alt right”. In this second piece we turn to discussions of neo-reactionary philosophy. A common story goes that the intellectual flagship, the act of legitimation for reanimating reaction as a culture, began at the end of last decade with a rather peculiar…
Alt Right reactionary

Part 1: Inside the Nazi CPU.
This is the first of a three part essay on the current rise in hard right political thought. My aim is to work downwards from the tip of more conspicuous reactionary emergences like the “alt right” and the populism of Brexit and Trump to nascent real attempts to imagine “future primeval” visions. Twenty-first centuries…
Teilhard de Chardin

This article is the first step towards a Voegelinian study of the history of the relationship between millenarianism and technology. In it I concentrate upon “transhumanism,” a coagulation of opinions united by a shared belief that man’s nature is inherently revolting, flawed and imminently about to be transcended with the addition of cybernetic parts, uploading the mind to machines to…