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Robert S. (Robin) Seiler, Jr., is a psychotherapist in private practice in Greenbelt, MD. He studied political philosophy at the University of Virginia and clinical social work at the University of Maryland. In 2016 he retired from 36 years of public service as a legislative, budget, and policy analyst, researcher, and manager for U.S. the Congress, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), and two federal financial regulatory agencies. He has presented papers at several meetings of the Eric Voegelin Society, where this paper was presented in 1999.

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Mary Oliver

Eric Voegelin developed a rich body of concepts for interpreting literary symbols.  This essay will use those concepts to interpret some of the verse of the contemporary American poet Mary Oliver.  “The poem most popular today is the fairly brief lyric poem” (APH 84).[1]  Oliver’s oeuvre consists almost exclusively of such poetry.  Thus it will be appropriate to begin by…
Donald Winnicott

The Moment of Illusion and the Existential Virtues
Winnicott argues that the good-enough mother’s holding, handling, and object presenting together enable the infant to develop the capacity to interact with the mother and others as separate, whole persons.  Critical to Winnicott’s account are the related terms “fantasy” and “illusion.”  To make sense of what he says, I argue that he is…
Donald Winnicott

The literature on the work of the philosopher Eric Voegelin includes no studies of the relevance of his philosophy of order for psychiatry and psychotherapy.  There are at least two reasons why such studies are worth doing.  First, for Voegelin the philosopher is a diagnostician of disorders of the soul.  His work abounds with sensitive analyses of the order of…