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Timothy Fuller is a Professor of Political Science at Colorado College. He has written several forwards in the works of Michael Oakeshott.

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Merrill Hume and Politics of Enlightenment

Hume and the Politics of Enlightenment. Thomas W. Merrill. Cambridge University Press, 1915.
Thomas Merrill of American University introduces this book with reflections on the difficult relation of philosophy to politics, illustrated in the thought of Marx and Heidegger, each alienated from the dominant features of the modern situation, each committed to radical questioning of conventional assumptions, but each attaching themselves to…
Tilo Schabert Primacy of Persons

The Primacy of Persons in Politics: Empiricism & Political Philosophy.  John von Heyking and Thomas Heilke, eds. Washington, D.C: The Catholic University of America, 2013.
This book comprises nine essays, the first by Tilo Schabert, followed by eight responses to his work as a whole.
Schabert aims to restore focus on the persons who actually engage in politics rather than on ideal…