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Victor Bruno is a writer and researcher focused on art and philosophy. He has contributed to important and prestigious academic and popular publications on cinema and film criticism. His main interests are the modern mind, religious traditions, and the unity of the conscience in today’s world.

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Asking Is Anglo-American conservatism enough? is to presume that we already know what conservatism is and is to acknowledge it as good. But do we know what Anglo-American conservatism is?
First, we have to understand how Anglo-American conservatism recognizes itself. Roughly speaking, it was born in the wake of the effects of the French Revolution through Sir Edmund Burke’s Reflections on…

I finished my last article in this very VoegelinView claiming that only with a conscious acceptance and participation in the real, mankind (especially the Western part of it), could return to a state of spiritual healthy. With the wisdom of hindsight, I now wish to continue that enquiry. The matter of the “participation in reality” (or, more dramatically, “participation in…

All my stories are about the action of grace on a character who is not very willing to support it.
—Flannery O’Connor
1. Introduction: Flannery O’Connor’s Open Soul
Flannery O’Connor belongs to a very particular age of the American fiction. She is inserted in a period marked by a strong kind of linguistic realism inspired by the kinds of James Joyce and William…