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Please Join the McConnell Center at APSA!

The McConnell Center’s panel at APSA is home to great discussions (with real, constructive feedback) and features projects in the history of political thought, broadly understood. In order to retain its APSA panel, new policies require the McConnell Center Related Group to have 35 active membersThere are no costs or obligations associated with membership. To maintain this home for conversation in the history of political thought, please click here to join the McConnell Center APSA Related group. You must have an active APSA membership to join the group.
Michael PromiselMichael Promisel

Michael Promisel

Michael Promisel is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Coastal Carolina University. His teaching and research is grounded in the history of political thought with particular focus on political leadership, virtue ethics, and the relationship between religion and politics.

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