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2020 Themes Announced

2020 Themes Announced

Please feel free to submit proposals about any topic, but note that preference would be given to those works that address the themes below. As proposals arrive and are accepted, this page will be updated as needed. Email us with your proposal to Lee Trepanier at [email protected] and please check out submission guidelines.


January, 2020: Philosophy

We dedicate the month of January to philosophical thought from antiquity to today and open to all schools of thought and approaches.

February, 2020: Canada

In February we will examine the history, culture, philosophy, and politics of Canada. Some questions to consider are as follows: What distinguishes Canada from its southern neighbor, the United States? What role can Canada play in global affairs? What has been Canada’s contribution to political thought? And what can Canada learn from the world?

March, 2020: Introducing Eric Voegelin

This month will have features that introduces Voegelin’s political philosophy to a non-Voegelinian audience. What are Voegelin’s key insights? How can they be conveyed to the public? What enduring contribution does Voegelin make to political philosophy?

April, 2020: Race & Revolution

In April we will look at the political ideas of race, revolution, and politics. 2020 is the two hundredth anniversary of the Missouri Compromise; the one hundredth anniversary of the Mexican Revolution; Nazi Party; and Prohibition; and the seventy-fifth anniversary of Nelson Mandela being released into freedom.

May, 2020: Culture

May is dedicated to literature, art, music, dance, and other aspects of culture. 2020 is also the three hundredth anniversary of Robinson Crusoe; the sesquicentennial anniversary of War and Peace; and the one hundredth anniversary of Winesburg, Ohio.

June, 2020: Global History & Politics

In this month we will focus on global history and politics, in light the one hundredth anniversary of the League of Nations.

July, 2020: Eric Voegelin’s Essays

July will examine the essays of Eric Voegelin, especially “Equivalences of Experience and Symbolization in History” and “The Eclipse of Reality,” both published fifty years ago this year.

August, 2020: Education

For the start of the academic year, we will investigate in August the nature and purpose of education. Some ideas to contemplate are what is liberal education, civic education, and statesmanship or leadership education? What is the value of multiculturalism in today’s university curriculum? What can universities do to make a public case of their value?

September, 2020: The American Founding

In September we will look at the American Founding, since it is the four hundredth anniversary of the Mayflower Compact.

October, 2020: American Politics

Being a presidential election year, we will dedicate October to American politics, both past and present.

November, 2020: Voegelin’s Religious Thought

November explores Voegelin’s understanding of religion in his political philosophy. What was Voegelin’s view of religion? Did it change over time? In what ways does it bring insight into our understanding of religion and in what ways is Voegelin’s account deficient?

December, 2020: Religion

We conclude the calendar year with a look at religion, spirituality, and studies of the divine. All school of thoughts and approaches are welcomed.

Lee TrepanierLee Trepanier

Lee Trepanier

Lee Trepanier is a Professor of Political Science at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. He is author and editor of several books and also is the editor of VoegelinView (2016-present) and editor of Lexington Books series Politics, Literature, and Film (2013-present).

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