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Tilo Schabert’s Lectures on Germany and France

Tilo Schabert’s Lectures On Germany And France

Please see Tilo Schabert’s two lectures, available on YouTube.

His lecture on “The German Revolution 1989.” It is available here.

His lecture about the 2017 French Presidential election. It can be found here.


Also available are “A Wise French Accommodation,” The German Question is a European Question,” “How the World is Made: France and the Reunification of Germany” and “True Form of Government: Plato Persons, and Helmut Kohl.

Tilo SchabertTilo Schabert

Tilo Schabert

Tilo Schabert is a Board Member of VoegelinView and a Professor Emeritus at the University of Erlangen-Nuremburg. He is the author of several books, with the latest being How World Politics is Made (Missouri, 2009) and The Second Birth: On the Political Beginnings of Human Existence (Chicago, 2015).

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