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James Greenaway is Associate Professor of Philosophy at St. Mary's University in Texas. He is author of The Differentiation of Authority: The Medieval Turn toward Existence (Catholic University, 2012) and Belonging: The Fit between Perfection and Imperfection (Notre Dame, forthcoming).

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The Second Birth: On the Political Beginnings of Human Existence. Tilo Schabert. Translated by Javier Ibáñez-Noé. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2015.
Tilo Schabert’s The Second Birth is a philosopher’s book.
Lest anyone misunderstand, this is an essay written by a genuine lover of wisdom for those others who take similar care to cultivate an attitude of love toward truth, goodness, justice…
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Medieval Legal Thought
The emergence of existence qua authority was recognized in the legal field before it became topical in philosophical thought. The development of law is now considered as it reflects the original medieval shift toward the existence of the person as authoritative, primordially constituting a field of rights. In fact, Brian Tierney in The Idea of Natural Rights points…