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Meins Coetsier is a Lecturer at The Loyola Institute at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland. He is author of Etty Hillesum and the Flow of Presence: A Voegelinian Analysis (Missouri, 2008) and The Existential Philosophy of Etty Hillesum (Brill, 2014).

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In a time when the faith and freedom of men and women in Europe are challenged by radical atheism[1] and by the fanaticism of secularists, religious extremists and political fundamentalists, public discourse reconsiders the possibility that there is simply no God on the horizon. As Europe is becoming increasingly secular, the moral underpinnings of our Judeo-Christian heritage are shaken, i.e.…

Etty Hillesum had to reintroduce or restore the values that were under attack by Nazi terror. She faced her path with at least two sets of symbols: first, the language symbols that were part of her social reality, her upbringing, and her academic career; and second, the language symbols that arose in the course of her writing and reflection.
The relation…