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Troy Catterson is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Salve Regina University in Rhode Island. Troy's current interests center on the interplay between metaphysics, logic, meta-ethics and philosophy of religion. His most recent publications include "Indexicality, Phenomenality and the Trinity" in the International Journal for Philosophy of Religion (2015) and "Sorting out the Sortals: A Fregean Argument for Essentialism" in Erkenntnis (2015).

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We Answer to Another: Authority, Office, and the Image of God. David T. Koyzis. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2014.
It seems almost a truism that monotheism favors monarchic and hierarchical forms of political legitimacy. All authority arrives by appointment from on high. It flows down from God, who is the source of all legitimating authority, upon whomever God deigns to…