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David Walsh is the Chair Board Member of VoegelinView, President of the Eric Voegelin Society, and Professor of Political Science at Catholic University of America. He is the author of a three-volume study of modernity: After Ideology: Recovering the Spiritual Foundations of Freedom (Harper/Collins, 1990), The Growth of the Liberal Soul (Missouri Press, 1997), and The Modern Philosophical Revolution: The Luminosity of Existence (Cambridge, 2008). His latest book is Politics of the Person and as the Politics of Being (Notre Dame Press, 2015).

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We share the sadness of the family of Beverly Jarrett at her recent passing.  All members of the Voegelin community are deeply in her debt for the contribution she made to the publication of the Collected Works.  It stands as a fitting testament to Beverly’s four decades of work in scholarly publishing.  Beginning as a copy editor at Louisiana State…
Eric Voegelin Society

33rd International Meeting of THE ERIC VOEGELIN SOCIETY, 2017

American Political Science Association Meeting,August 31-September 3

San Francisco, CA


David Walsh, Meeting Director

[email protected]

Dear Friends,
This is our program as it currently stands at the beginning of August.  Please continue to update me with any changes that become necessary.  I have filled in…
Walsh Politics of Person

Definition of Person as Depersonalization
The deformation we inflict on our true selves is not by any means the cruelest effect of our cultural obsession with the self.  Amnesia in regard to the moral enlargement required of us is only a prelude to the callousness we direct toward others.  Lives that have become superficial are already inclined to view the suffering…
Walsh Politics of Person

At first glance the title of this chapter is bewildering.  What can a “personalist account of persons” mean?  Is it simply recognition of the respect we owe one another as persons?  That we should never subordinate persons to their social roles or functions?  That the very language we use must embody the primacy of reverence owed toward persons as such? …
Human Rights 1

This David Walsh's response to Macon Bozcek's review of his book, Politics of the Person as the Politics of Being. Dr. Bozcek's review can be accessed here.
I am indebted to the careful and insightful reading that Macon Boczek has given to my book. Writing is a solitary occupation whereby one opens a conversation, without knowing if there will be an…
Ronald Srigley

The transfer of editorship at any publication, but especially VoegelinView, is an opportunity to say what has too often gone unsaid. That is, to express our gratitude to the outgoing editor, Ron Srigly, for the magnificent job he has done in preserving and enhancing our online presence. We are of course conscious of the debt we owe to the founder…
Havel 1

Havel: A Life. Michael Zantovsky. New York: Grove Press, 2014.
I am grateful for the invitation to review Michael Zantovsky’s biography of Václav Havel, the playwright, dissident and President of both Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic successively. Havel was one of the most inspirational human beings to have walked the earth in our time. I met him once when he received…
Eric Voegelin Society

The Eric Voegelin Society is a Related Group of the American Political Science Association. Its Annual Meeting will run concurrently with that of the APSA on September 3-6 in San Francisco, CA.
Panel 1, Geopolitics and Prudence
Chair: Greg Russell
Paper: Geopolitics And Prudence: Realism In A Twenty-First Century World
Greg Russell, University of Oklahoma, [email protected]
Paper: The Formation Of Prudence Within The City
Stephen Sims,…
Eric Voegelin Society

The Eric Voegelin Society is a Related Group of the American Political Science Association. Its Annual Meeting will run concurrently with that of the APSA on August 28-31, Washington D.C.
Chair: Macon Boczek, Kent State University, [email protected]
Paper: Learning to Kneel: Etty Hillesum and Simone Weil as Examples of Openness to Reality
Amanda Achtman, University of Calgary, [email protected]
Paper: Eric…