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Jerry L. Martin held held senior positions at the National Endowment for the Humanities in 1988-95, including acting chairman. From 1967-82, he a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he also served as the Director of the University's Center for the Study of Values and Social Policy. He is author of God: An Autobiography, as Told to a Philosopher (Caladium, 2016) and currently is chairman emeritus of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni.

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Every religious tradition offers a soteriology – its own version of salvation called by whatever name – perhaps spiritual liberation as in the Hindu moksha or enlightenment as in the Buddhist samadhi. It claims to have exclusive possession of the one true “solution” to the human predicament, with the implicit premise that there is a single fundamental problem, such as…

Let us begin our inquiry with the following datum: The human experience of the Divine Reality has often, though not always, been an encounter with a personal God, a God who is a Person.
Yahweh speaks directly to Abraham and Moses, Samuel and Jeremiah and others.
Jesus prays to abba, which is an intimate term like “papa.”
In the Itihasa (“sacred history”) of…
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A few years ago, in spite of being a life-long agnostic, I had occasion to pray.  A wonderful woman had come into my life, and I felt such a welling up of gratitude that I literally fell to my knees and said an earnest prayer of thanks to Whomever or Whatever.  Later, as I pondered the challenges of making a…
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"I will be there with you."
One of the most extraordinary moments in the history of revelation is God’s response to Moses’ question:  “They will say to me:  'What is his name?' –what shall I say to them?”  The question is one of credentials.  Moses cannot just do this on his own, in his own name.  “Who am I that I…
Eugene Webb Worldview and Mind

Worldview and Mind: Religious Thought and Psychological Development. Eugene Webb. Columbia, MO:  University of Missouri Press. 2009.

Let it be understood up front that Worldview and Mind is a something of a tourdeforce. It is judicious, erudite, insightful, and comprehensive, impressive not only in its main line of argument, but in arresting discussions of myriad topics along the way.
Webb has…