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Lee Cheek is a Board Member of VoegelinView and Dean of the Social Sciences and Professor of Political Science and History at East Georgia State College and a Senior Fellow of Alexander Hamilton Institute. His books include Calhoun and Popular Rule (University of Missouri Press, 2004) and Confronting Modernity (Wesley Studies Society, 2011), among others.

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Francis Graham Wilson (1901-1976), an eminent political scientist, lifelong scholar of public opinion, and a central figure in the postwar American conservative intellectual movement, was born near Junction, Texas, to Horace Ernest and Stella Jane (Graham) Wilson. He graduated from the University of Texas in 1923 and earned a master’s degree in political science the following year. He spent a…

The purpose of this essay is to examine the legacy of Moses as a political leader in search of political order.  The Mosaic conflict with the Pharaonic world is of great significance to politics, although it has not attracted much interest from political scientists.  This field of study demands highly developed research skills in areas usually considered beyond the pale…