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Richard Avramenko is a Board Member of VoegelinView, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and editor of The Political Science Reviewer. He is the author of Courage: The Politics of Life and Limb (Notre Dame Press, 2011) and co-editor of Friendship and Politics (Notre Dame Press, 2008) and Dostoevsky's Political Thought (Lexington Books, 2013).

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Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea. Mark Blyth. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013.
Political theorists have long made the connection between politics and emotion. Plato, in his Republic, recognized both greed and anger as a central problem of political life. Early modern thinkers, like Machiavelli and Hobbes, recognized the importance of fear in political life.  Modern thinkers, like David Hume,…

The Political Science Reviewer is a beacon in the often-murky world of professional political science journals. Unencumbered by any of the reigning orthodoxies, the PSR welcomes the evidence of empirical study, but upholds the primacy of theoretical understanding. The PSR is an annual journal featuring essay-length reviews of classic and contemporary studies in law and politics, as well as examinations of leading political science textbooks. Each…
Tom Darby

Disorderly Notions. Tom Darby. Toronto: Iguana Books, 2012.
Sometimes political theorists turn their attention from reading and writing about arcane philosophical texts to reading and writing about literature, or even film. Shakespeare, Dickens, and Dostoevsky are some of the usual literary suspects; Charlie Chaplin, Woody Allen, and the Coen brothers are often explored for their theoretical relevance and insight. Literature and…