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Russia Orthodox Church

What will be the contribution of the Russian Orthodox Church to the creation of a civil society in post-Soviet Russia?  Much depends on whether the Russian Orthodox Church is a nationalist institution.  On the one hand, if the Russian Orthodox Church is in fact a nationalist institution, then its contribution to a democratic civil society will be negative; on the…

The American debate regarding the policy needed to combat the dangers posed by immigration from nations who are currently hotbeds of Islamic radicalization is presently being vociferously fought.  This debate recently culminated with an Executive Order by President Trump that suspended travel from seven such nations to improve vetting measures.  Six of the nations included in the Order are amongst…
Alt Right reactionary

Part 3: Whatever Happened to Nietzsche?
This is the third part of our journey into the strange Other Wold of neo-reactionary political thought that began with an investigation into the phenomenon of the “alt right”. In the second instalment it lea into discussion of the monarcho-capitalist “NRx” movement. In this final piece we follow a rather different but not entirely…
Alt Right reactionary

Part 2: Rebooting the Leviathan.
In the first part of this essay we looked at the phenomenon of the “alt right”. In this second piece we turn to discussions of neo-reactionary philosophy. A common story goes that the intellectual flagship, the act of legitimation for reanimating reaction as a culture, began at the end of last decade with a rather peculiar…
King Lear

The king is mad. How stiff is my vile sense,

That I stand up and have ingenious feeling

Of my huge sorrows. Better I were distract—

So should my thoughts be severed from my griefs,

And woes by wrong imaginations lose

The knowledge of themselves.

King Lear, IV.vii

1. Shakespeare’s Worldly Poetry
 Shakespeare is a worldly poet par excellence. One cannot appreciate Shakespeare’s “worldliness” without first contrasting it…
Alt Right reactionary

Part 1: Inside the Nazi CPU.
This is the first of a three part essay on the current rise in hard right political thought. My aim is to work downwards from the tip of more conspicuous reactionary emergences like the “alt right” and the populism of Brexit and Trump to nascent real attempts to imagine “future primeval” visions. Twenty-first centuries…
Martin Heidegger 6

It is probably well known among Voegelin scholars that one really could not get to square one with Professor Voegelin on the subject of Heidegger.  In his autobiographical memoir Voegelin describes returning from the United States in the late twenties and having no interest in Heidegger’s Being and Time: “It just ran right off,” he says.[i]  Voegelin made the same…
Martin Heidegger 5

Unlike the word “modern,” which in common usage usually connotes progress and improvement over the past, “modernity” is a more abstract, less commonly used word that is often pejorative, suggesting the negative cultural underside of “progress.”  The  “culture war” in which the Western world is currently engaged is a contest between those who regard the modern age of secularism, scientism,…
Hesiod 1

According to the philosopher Eric Voegelin, there are no more than four fundamental modes of theoretical speculation. Voegelin identifies these four fundamental modes as: cosmogony, anthropogony, theogony, and historiogenesis. These modes speak, respectively, of the genesis of the universe, the genesis of human beings, the genesis of the divine, and the genesis of society.
Unsurprisingly, modern science speaks to these four…
Chinese Poetry

In his final writings, Eric Voegelin was preoccupied with paradox as an irreducible aspect of his study of participation, the classical symbol of man’s identity in light of divinity. Participation is not open to conceptual clarity, partly because one of the terms of the relationship – God – eludes univocal definition, and partly because the relationship between man and God…