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The Kosmos Journal

The Kosmos Journal

The Kosmos is an independent Chinese quarterly of history and ideas. Launched in early 2017, the journal aims at exploring the spiritual and intellectual history of various aspects of life in China and the wider world. The first nine issues examine the themes of Education, Middle Class, Reformations and Worldview, Empires, Literature, Enlightenments, Chinese Union Version Bible and May Fourth Movement, Patronage of Christian mind, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, and many more specific topics. They cover such different fields as history, theology, philosophy, politics, sociology, business, arts, and natural sciences. The Kosmos welcomes submissions from potential contributors worldwide. Manuscripts in Chinese or English may be sent to [email protected].

Promise HsuPromise Hsu

Promise Hsu

Promise Hsu is an Associate Editor of VoegelinView and a Beijing-based independent journalist and scholar. In 2017, he became the founding editor-in-chief of The Kosmos (, an independent Chinese quarterly of history and ideas. He was a world affairs journalist at China Central Television’s English News Channel, a member of American Political Science Association, and a visiting scholar at Calvin Theological Seminary. He is author of China’s Quest for Liberty: A Personal History of Freedom (St. Augustine's Press, 2019).

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