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Garreth Bloor is a Vice President of the IRR, the oldest classical liberal think tank in South Africa. He served as a former executive politician in the country and is the founder of a venture capital firm.

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The making of the modern market economy is often attributed to Adam Smith. Though free market theorists see the primary roots here, the view is not shared by all.
Murray Rothbard is among the prominent theorists who understand the Late Scholastics as the main protagonists. The Scholastics had moral considerations as the original basis and their reflections, which in turn developed…

Does Eric Voegelin's philosophy provides an inter-disciplinary basis for a free economy, rooted in the priority of the human person; that human beings are endowed with inherent dignity and worth. This essay will consider why free markets, despite their success in material outputs, have not gained the moral high ground in recent surveys; especially of millennials. With millennials reportedly concerned…