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Lincoln and the Politics of Christian Love. Grant N. Havers. Columbia, MO: University of Missouri Press, 2009.
The central argument of Professor Havers’s new book is that a politics of Christian love, rightly understood, precludes American chosenness or exceptionalism. There can be no “democratic universalism,” Havers argues, apart from this ethic of charity. It becomes clear in the opening pages of…

They said, some men are too ignorant, and vicious, to share in government. Possibly so, said we; and, by your system, you would always keep them ignorant and vicious.

-Abraham Lincoln, "Fragments on Slavery," July 1, 1854

A Crisis of the People
Lincoln's trust in the judgment of the American people presupposed a stern condition: "We, the People" must act charitably.…
School of Athens Education Plato Socrates

Classical and Contemporary Eros
In the Theages, Demodocus, a rural landowner and a committed demo­crat, approaches Socrates with his son Theages in tow. Demodocus is fear­ful because his son wants to become wise (121c-d), and he knows what Theages means by that term. Theages craves knowledge of how to rule human beings (123a). In fact, Theages openly confesses to wishing to…
School of Athens Education Plato Socrates

What, if anything, does Socrates know about Eros?
The Platonic Socrates is renowned for proclaiming his ignorance. His repu­tation owes primarily to several statements that he makes in Plato's Apology of Socrates. For example, he denies that he is a clever speaker (17a-b). He argues that his enemies have said "nothing true" (ούδέυ άληθές 18b6) in their snide accounts of him,…