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Luigi Bradizza is an Associate Editor of VoegelinView and an Associate Professor of Political Science at Salve Regina University in Rhodes Island. He is the author of Richard T. Ely’s Critique of Capitalism (Palgrave, 2013). His most recent scholarly publication is “Democracy in Canada: What Tocqueville Can Teach Canadians” in David W. Livingstone's Liberal Education, Civic Education, and the Canadian Regime (McGill-Queen’s, 2015).

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The Political Theory of the American Founding: Natural Rights, Public Policy, and the Moral Conditions of Freedom. Thomas G. West. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017.
Thomas G. West is the Paul Ermine Potter and Dawn Tibbets Potter Professor of Politics at Hillsdale College, where he teaches American Government and Political Philosophy. He has long been one of the nation’s foremost experts…
Ryan Topping Catholic education

The Case for Catholic Education: Why Parents, Teachers, and Politicians Should Reclaim the Principles of Catholic Pedagogy. Ryan N. S. Topping. Kettering, OH: Angelico Press, 2015.
Ryan Topping is a fellow at the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in Merrimack, NH. This slim book is a response to the sharp decline in Catholic primary and secondary education in North America.…
Liberal Art School Education University College

American Heresies and Higher Education. Peter Augustine Lawler. South Bend, IN: St. Augustine's Press, 2016.
American higher education is in a crisis of long duration, and there is no end in sight. Liberal education is under assault by advocates of political correctness, with the aim of silencing rational discussion, particularly on topics related to approved victim groups. The college experience is…